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Corey Ondrey

Monster 2 : Kawasaki


Kawasaki Helmet

The second motorcycle helmet design is based off of the 1969 Kawasaki Mach 3. The Mach 3 was one of the first bikes to feature the instantly recognizable Kawasaki Racing Green. Not only was it visually loud, it was also the fastest production motorcycle of its class and the very first motorcycle to have the term “Street Bike” coined as a result of its performance. Because of the power-to-weight ratio its 500cc inline triple tried to contain, inexperienced riders could often find themselves shifting into a wheelie mid-turn and is joked as having introduced the U.S. to the full body cast. Don’t let the danger deter you however, since its 13 second quarter mile could blow anything out of the water during the time of flourishing American muscle and drag races. My design for the creature and the helmet encompass all of those thoughts and details. With an open howl to the wind, the bandages fly off into the aftermath leaving only the faint trace of a green afterimage.