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Corey Ondrey

Monster 3: BMW


R32 Helmet

This design is based off of the 1923 BMW R32. The R32 was the very first motorcycle made by BMW. After the signing of the Treaty of Versailles in 1918, the German companies that would eventually merge into BMW were no longer aloud to manufacture aircraft engines. After a few unsuccessful tries to continue to use their already established M2B15 engine, they found a home for it on the R32. This boxer engine would win the hearts of riders all over Europe, and the flat boxer style would be used in every BMW motorcycle until the early 1990’s. The design for my helmet was inspired by the companies historical past and with aviation on the mind the only place to look to for creature creation and helmet design was towards the sky. My idea was to create a gremlin, which is infamous for causing mischief with airplanes pilots and William Shatner’s everywhere. To create the details of the creature/helmet I played with the bicycle tube steel the R32 was designed with, as well as its suicide shifter, brown leather seat, large fenders, and “dummy rim” brake.